Sgt’s Mess Binder 1895 – (photos)

Professional portraits of Sgts active in 48th Highlanders Battalion for year 1895 hard  cover leather album with clasp closure size 8 in x 10 in  with 48th Highlander silver badge centered on front Photo Index.  Number for each is the page number (1) Sergt. Major A. G. Robertson ; (2) Bandmaster T. Griffin; (3) Qr. […]

48th Highlanders Sgt’s Mess Binder 1906

48th Highlanders Sgt’s Mess Binder of 1906 Hard cover photo album. Professional portraits of Sergeants active in the 48th Highlanders Battalion in the year 1906. In a red/brown leather hard cover 11 in x 10 in. book Number for each is the page number. (1) Sergt. Major J. W. Kirkness, WO; (2) Bandmaster J.Slatter WO; […]

Dileas by Kim Beattie – Sgt Lloyd Tucker copy

Dileas by Kim Beattie with dust cover and overwrapped in clear plastic. Dileas is the history of the 48th Highlanders of Canada from 1928 to 1956 with focus on the 1st Battalion overseas from 1939 to 1945. Inside front cover is a hand drawn map of northern Europe and England showing the route of the […]

Family of Volunteers by Maj. George W. Beal

Family of Volunteers, An Illustrated History of the 48th Highlanders of Canada, covers the period from the founding of the Regiment in 1891 to the 110th Anniversary in 2001. Chapters, richly illustrated with pictures, show the major periods and activities of the regiment: Early Years 1891 – 1914; three war times – South Africa 1900, […]

Malaria pamphlet – 1943

A 4.5 inch by 7 inch brown pamphlet on malaria causes, effects and how to deal with this issue. Malaria was a significant issue for Canadian soldiers in the Mediterranean, for the 48th Highlanders particularly in Sicily at a temporary rest camp near the town of Militello. Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite. […]

St. George’s Chapel of Windsor Prayer Book

A black with red stained pages 3.5 inch by 6 inch prayer book. This Prayer book has the names 24 of the “D” Coy Platoon soldiers in ink on a page at the back of the Prayer book. It is thought this was owned by the platoon commander, or the Platoon Sergeant Major E.S. Lamb.. […]

Infantry Training Part IV: The mortar platoon

A 4.75 inch by 7 inch booklet on Infantry training procedures for mortar infantry units issued in February 1943. In the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders the Mortar Platoon was part of Support Company and employed 3 inch mortars.

Attestation Bible

A black canvas bound 3 inch by 5 inch King James Bible containing the Old and New Testaments with red stained edging. inscription inside the cover This is the Bible that was in use in the Orderly Room of the 48th Regiment Highlanders since the first men were sworn-in in 1891 Oct. I have just […]

Musketry Instruction 1894 Book

A 3.75 inch by 5 inch red bound book filled with basic musketry firearms use and firearm maneuver execution along with basic ceremonial practices and protocols. 1894 edition.

Infantry Drill 1893 Book

A 3.75 inch by 5 inch red bound book filled with drill maneuver execution along with basic ceremonial practices and protocols. 1893 edition.