Print – Argyll and Sutherland Highlander

Print – 8″ x 6″ in a 11″ x 14″ simple wooden frame.  Argyll and Sutherland Highlander officer in full dress – colour print image. One of the collection issued by Hiram Walker

Oil Painting – Poppies

Oil painting of red poppies on a white background 2 ft x 2 ft signed  “campbell  rebecca”

Portrait of Lt. Col. Donald Wakelin Banton

Large portrait of Lt. Col. Donald Wakelin Banton, done with oil pastel, in a wood frame, wearing uniform, on the front in the bottom left is written the artist’s name “Ruth Strome”, on the back is written “Major Donald Wakelin Banton” and “Lt. Col. Donald Wakelin Banton”, on the back is also a sticker of […]

Oil Portrait of Hon. Major the Reverend Thomas Crawford Brown

Hon. Major the Reverend Crawford Brown, MA was the minister of St Andrew’s Church from June 1905 to October 1915. He was appointed Chaplain of the 48th Highlanders of Canada in 1907 and served until his death in 1929. The portrait was painted by John Russell in 1918 and was a donation to the 48th […]

1/4 Scale Martini-Henry Rifle with Socket Bayonet

A 19.5 inch (49.53 cm) by 3 inch (7.62 cm) by 3 inch (7.62 cm) quarter scale model of the Martini Henry Rifle, quite often used at the birth of the 48th Highlanders in 1891. During the development of the Martini Henry IC1 carbine, the Royal Small Arms Factory decided to utilize the same component […]

New World Illustrated from July 1942 featuring the 48th Highlanders

A 10.5 inch (26.67 cm) by 13.25 inch (33.66 cm) article on pages 11, 12 and 13 from the July 1942 issue of New World Illustrated. Various 48th Highlander activities from 1942.   below taken from the “New World Illustrated” magazine in July 1942. FORTY – EIGHTH Canada prepares for home defence And on Friday […]